Brake and Lamp Inspection

Why do I need a Brake or Lamp Inspection?

In California, a brake and lamp inspection is necessary to ensure that a vehicle is safe to drive and operate properly on the road. Brake and lamp inspections are required anytime an automobile is being retitled (salvage, junk, theft). The DMV requires a thorough examination by a State Licensed Inspection Station to make sure no parts of the vehicle’s brake system or lights were damaged or misaligned due to an accident or theft.

What happens during a Brake Inspection?

We follow the rules and regulations set forth by the State of California. We thoroughly visually inspect your vehicle's brake system and use special equipment to ensure all manufacturer specifications are met. 

What happens during a Lamp Inspection?

We visually inspect your vehicle’s lighting system, measure, and adjust the aim of your headlights. We also make sure that your brake lights, turn signals, and clearance lights are all in great working order. Once we complete the inspection, we will issue a 90-day certificate that can be presented to the California DMV as proof that your vehicle has passed and is ready for operation.

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